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About PlugInnovation

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We improve the quality of upper secondary school education, and thus graduation rates, by working on the basis of proven success factors.


Prevention work on dropping out from upper secondary schools continues

Plug In 2.0, a continuation of ”Plug in – Sweden’s largest cooperation project to prevent dropping out from upper secondary schools”, kicked off at the beginning of the autumn term 2015.


The relationship between teachers and school staff with students in the dropout risk zone is crucial.

Young people who drop out from upper secondary school are a heterogynous group caused by various reasons, although more often than not a combination of individual and structural factors. Within Plug In, the basis for providing good support to help young boys and girls in completing their education has evolved into an individual focused method that takes into account all student needs. This includes bringing relationships with teachers and other school staff to the fore as a decisive factor for students who have a desultory relationship with their school.

The main focus of the new project is on continuing work with and development of the Plug In areas that have met with success; the ambition being to attain national and international success in terms of strategic effect. At local level the project is aimed at playing a positive role in the private lives of these young adults. It is expected that the project will reach about 3 000 young adults spread over some 40 municipalities during the project period.


Knowledge and inspiration at PlugInnovation.se

The PlugInnovation digital platform will continue to be developed in Plug In 2.0. The site provides information about developments and research in this field. You can read about and find inspiration from how other municipalities are working to reduce truancy, find more effective study plans for new arrivals and support young people who have dropped out by persuading them to resume their studies or find other occupations.